Letters to the Editor

Mid-State Fair rip-off

For years, my family has been fortunate enough to purchase a table at the Evening of Music and Wine at the Mid-State Fair. As we got older, we decided to have appetizers catered so we didn’t have to drag coolers in with our food. It’s our one big spurge of the year.

We put up with the exorbitant wine prices, such as champagne for $25 a bottle that’s $8.99 at any local market, and the relentless search of our persons and purses for contraband beverages. But the addition of the $100 catering fee is just too much. $100 for what? The hour or less it takes the caterer to drive in and set up or drop off food? And the underhanded way it was presented! We purchased our table in April and got notification of this “caterer’s fee” with our tickets that arrived in July!

Why wasn’t the fair administration upfront about this new charge with the letter that was sent out requesting payment for the table in April? Shame on the Mid-State Fair for ripping off their loyal local supporters.