Letters to the Editor

Illness of power

Regarding the two recent commentaries on religious freedom:

It seems to me that the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision has invited us all to think.

When does one person’s freedom restrict another person’s freedom as described in the U.S. Constitution?

I agree with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s description of this realm as a mine field.

I think that it is fascinating that human beings continue to demonstrate that they would like to exercise their freedom by limiting the freedom of others.

What an interesting paradox that freedom-loving Americans and religious persons want to have control over another person’s free will.

Why does the Supreme Court need to get involved in what seems to be such an obvious religious and American ethic to respect the rights of others?

This is an age-old conflict that has to do with the attainment of power. Whether power is attained through violence, intimidation, wealth, religion or government, it seems to invite grandiosity and the temptation to control others. It becomes an illness. A contagious illness.

“Everybody wants to rule the world” — Tears for Fears.