Letters to the Editor

Guns result in death

Robert Olson (Letters to the Editor, July 14) wrote decrying the decision by Target and other retailers to ban individuals from bringing guns into their stores. He claims it has been “proven many times” that a good person with a gun will stop a bad person with a gun.

According to a Centers for Disease Control study (2014), Olson is flat wrong. In fact, more guns almost always result in more violent deaths through murders, accidents, suicides and domestic violence. And states with strong gun control laws have much lower rates of gun deaths than states with weak gun control laws.

Let me be clear, Mr. Olsen, the only good person with a gun I want protecting me from a bad person with a gun is a qualified, highly trained law enforcement officer.

The last person I want doing this is some untrained, heavily armed yahoo with a vigilante/hero complex who may have no idea who the good people are once the shooting starts.