Letters to the Editor

Reshaping society

Wave Stonerock wrote on July 3 that the Hobby Lobby decision was narrow and shows the Republican-dominated Supreme Court men are signaling an end to their War on Women.

Actions do speak louder than words: The action the Supreme Court took recently says its War on Women is in full attack mode.

The Supreme Court issued its orders to the lower courts pertaining to the ruling: All 40-plus cases where lower courts upheld the Affordable Care Act’s employer birthcontrol mandate were ordered reopened — not just the Hobby Lobby case.

Already, several hundred conservative corporations have applied for exemptions from federal law based on the shareholders’ religious beliefs, and the first exemption asked for is for a federal contractor exemption to the minimum wage.

First, corporations were given free-speech rights by this court. Now, corporations have religious freedom rights. Next, corporations will be given the right to vote.

This is an attempt by members of the conservative minority to reshape our society, because they cannot do it at the ballot box because they are outnumbered by the minorities and women they seek to oppress.

We should be afraid; we should be very afraid.