Letters to the Editor

Proud of our police

After the July 4 fireworks show in Pismo Beach, my husband and I decided to wait until the traffic was calm to leave. We walked to the pier and saw an arrest taking place.

The situation was calm, and then out of the blue a man ran over and started videotaping the police. He was asked politely to step back from the scene and started shouting about “his rights.”

He was aggressive, rude and shouting obscenities in the police officers’ faces. This crazy man kept saying “get away” as if the police were going after him; however, he was the aggressor. All the while, his friend was standing by me videotaping. I have never witnessed such an outrageous episode of provoking, hatred and bad behavior. I can only assume he wanted the police to react and he would then sue, and his lies about the police going after him was for his video presentation. I was so impressed with our local police department. They were calm, cool and collected, and they handled the situation beautifully. Thank you, police officers, for what you do.

You do not deserve to be treated like that, and I’m ashamed that people are so cruel when you are protecting and serving our community!