Letters to the Editor

Save Laguna Lake

Having just read the story on Atascadero Lake, I would like to point out that San Luis Obispo has, and could lose, Laguna Lake, which is a much larger, natural lake, documented back to the Chumash. It too is vanishing daily, along with the wildlife.

I have observed this charming lake go from vibrantly healthy to muddy and toxic. One used to see swimmers, windsurfers, kayakers, fishermen and sailboats. As the city allowed development and creek diversion, enough silt arrived to form a peninsula, and the lake filled up, becoming extremely shallow. Opportunities to dredge and clean came and went with city councils and budgets. It appears that preserving the lake was never important enough for our city to act. What a shame.

Laguna Lake should be a resource available for everyone. I live on the lake, and watch the deterioration daily, but all citizens should be outraged at the lack of foresight shown by our city. The lake is dry.

I understand there is a plan; please pass this plan and save this uniquely valuable resource for our community.

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