Letters to the Editor

Wine or water

I recently drove to Paso Robles on the back roads and was shocked to see acres of vineyards being planted at El Pomar and Neal Springs Road. I thought we were experiencing a severe drought in this county and state?

Wells that service homes in Paso Robles have dried up, and we have been asked to conserve all the water we can. It seems shameful to me that someone can plant a new vineyard, with baby vines that will require a lot of water to get established, while the average resident is asked to use as little as possible. What is more important: wine or water? Only one of those is needed for survival — the other is a crop that produces money in someone’s pocket.

I think the priorities of our community leaders are out of whack. There should be no more vineyards until the people have enough water to drink and wash and care for their families and homes. The vineyards have contributed to this problem and should not be allowed to continue unlimited growth while the state goes dry and we worry about every drop we use. I’m doing my part; why aren’t they?