Letters to the Editor

Cuesta maintenance

The July 5 Tribune reported on needs for Cuesta College maintenance and a potential bond request to finance them. The two photos used in the article leave me with a couple of maintenance questions.

The front page photo shows the director of facility services holding a piece of roofing, which I presume was to portray the need of a new roof. Do they need to build a new building to support a new roof?

The second photo shows a badly corroded “outdoor” light switch cover in a bathroom. This is a striking indicator of the lack of a screwdriver. Perhaps what is behind the cover would alter my thinking. By the way, what do students use the outlet for? Shaving or hair dryers, or what? Perhaps capping the wires to the outlet and covering the outlet with a two-buck plate would solve the problem. If it is a manpower problem, maybe President Gilbert Stork could fix the outlet the next time he uses the restroom.

Now that I have taken my tongue out of my cheek, the message is for Cuesta or the Tribune to be a little, quite a little, more realistic in its rationale for convincing us voters to agree with the bond need.