Letters to the Editor

Fresno letter offensive

This is in response to a Fresno Bee letter to the editor, written by Arthur Mogilefsky of Arroyo Grande, who asked that Fresno visitors “please take your trash with you when you leave the beach.”

Mr. Mogilefsky — I would be happy to take my business to some other beach town; that would help eliminate “Fresno trash” left on your beaches. However, you might want to consider that

1) I don’t litter (ever), and often pick up others’ garbage,

2) your Pismo residents are equally likely to litter, so don’t paint all of us with the same brush and 3) if I go to another beach town, your precious, perfectly clean Arroyo Grande businesses — not just the downtown Pismo merchants — will lose all of my tourist dollars.

Your attitude is arrogant, uneducated and offensive. There are other beach towns I like; while Pismo is my first and most frequent choice, that can change quickly. And all it would change is one less tourist’s dollars and no litter changes. Your fellow Pismo Beach business persons can thank you.