Letters to the Editor

Religious freedom

Since the Hobby Lobby decision, I have watched progressives vent their disapproval with letter after letter to the editor. Nothing new.

However, the July 9 missive from Evelyn Cole equating our Supreme Court with ISIS and the Taliban, plus throwing in a little Catholic bashing on the side, is monumentally insulting. Her letter’s lack of knowledge concerning this decision and of the real abuses facing women is stunning.

This decision was not about banning contraceptives or strangling a woman’s sexuality. It was a reaffirmation of religious freedom. See Religious Freedom Restoration Act 1992. No one cares what you do in your bedroom. You are free to use contraceptives. You are free to have an abortion. This decision just says you are not free to make someone else violate their religious beliefs to pay for your birth control.

It seems the freedom you seek is to be free from consequences. Grow up. Adults know they are responsible for their own actions. Freely choose a course of action and you also own the consequences. Do what you want in your own bedroom. Just don’t ask the rest of us to pay for it.