Letters to the Editor

McCarthy vs. Reid

"Answer the question: Have you no sense of decency?"

Comparing Sen. Harry Reid with Sen. Joe McCarthy is too much like the damage McCarthy did to Americans while he was backed by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Stanford’s Victor Davis Hanson was not around to compare anything like the damage done to Americans during the ’50s. I remember McCarthy on television accusing the U.S. Army for having Communists in the ranks. Brilliant Army Head Consul Joseph Welch asked the question above to McCarthy and to the House committee and the world through television. Ed Morrow on CBS joined the media to end paranoid McCarthy’s power.

Reid has led the U.S. Senate through powerful laws that benefit America despite a GOP/Tea Party with only one goal: organize President Barack Obama’s foes to cut his legislation.

Hopefully, voters will show there is a difference between positions and majority, and money cannot buy character.