Letters to the Editor

The new normal

I am writing in response to a terse letter titled “Not always our fault” (July 5), by Mark M. Tognazzini of Morro Bay.

While Mark has been a good advocate for the environment through the years, he’s got it all wrong this time. Mark says, “Animals live and die every day in the ocean.” True enough. But do they die as juveniles, which the humpback that washed up at Montaña de Oro was? Do they wash up with telltale rope marks on their tails like this one? Is it commonplace that scientists a year ago warned that a warming ocean would lead to early whale migrations, causing conflict with crab trapping season and subsequent entanglements? What about the reports of whales tangled in rope last month in weather too rough and windy to mount a rescue?

Take your head out of that gorgeous Los Osos sand, Mark. This is a worldwide phenomenon. Welcome to the “new normal.”