Letters to the Editor

Same old tactics

I was a third-year student at UCLA when I started paying close attention to politics. I developed a temporary admiration for one of the political parties in power. I could not believe that representatives of this party could get themselves elected to various offices, including the U.S. presidency, by using tactics such as trolling, lying, manipulating religion to advance an agenda and fearmongering.

How could so many voters vote against their best interests? Was the electorate stupid and/or naive? Not really. Was the electorate uninformed and/or misinformed? Probably. Was blind ideology trumping common sense? Definitely. Was there a fair amount of apathy and lack of interest in many potential voters? Turnout was the judge.

Many decades have passed, and I noticed that this party is still using the same tactics. I have also noticed that the nation has become more diverse, educated and tolerant. The party will have to reinvent itself or be marginalized for good.