Letters to the Editor

Warning needs work

The “false alarm” caused by June 27’s malfunctions of both PG&E’s emergency siren and the county’s media alert notification system highlights important points I raised with the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee (DCISC) just weeks earlier. Despite PG&E and the county’s claims of enhanced outreach to the public, the tweets and comments as the fiasco unfolded revealed just how confused and unsure the public was — particularly tourists and visitors who are not aware of the nuclear power plant in our midst.

That is why I suggested the county put specific signs at the bus stops that are designated collection points for evacuation routes; and that entities using the acronym DCPP instead use DCNPP for Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. As well, the brown emergency siren instruction decals posted throughout the county should mention the nuclear power plant. That is why we have sirens.

As Dr. Peter Lam of the DCISC concluded, “I’m sure significant portions of the population here do not know that Diablo Canyon is a nuclear power plant so it comes with tremendous benefits and needs very special consideration if and when there is an accident.”

We agree.