Letters to the Editor

Sovereignty of self

The United States is one step further along a path of government dictated by religion-based doctrine and driven by intolerance.

I question whether this country’s fervent religious fanatics have the ability to draw parallels between their vehement need to squelch others’ right not to follow their beliefs and the ugliness that has been a historic part of religion-based governments and policies. Me thinks not, since the religious right has determined that in our country, they too know best. They are arrogant in the belief that their intellect is superior, they are certain that they are the moral authority, and they are dangerous as they seek to unilaterally make, null and void, anything and everything that is offensive to their religious sensibilities.

If one believes that “freedom of religion” means foisting personal beliefs on those around him in an effort to deny others the right to live life authentically, albeit differently, where does that leave a country born from diversity? I would never seek to impose on others limits to contraception, abortion, gay marriage, etc., based on my personal beliefs.

Since when does freedom of religion mean that others would seek to deny me the same sovereignty of self?