Letters to the Editor

Birds scared off

For more than six months, we have lived in Oceano, and I am greatly saddened and disappointed in the lack of birds to enjoy here compared to Arroyo Grande.

Oh, we have the crows and the gulls that fly over us, but little else. I hear and see a turtle dove, a scrub jay and in the distance a red finch or house finch once in a while. From our porch, I occasionally notice a small bird whiz by, but that is the extent of what I have noticed in these six months.

The reason for our scarcity of birds, I have concluded, is the frequent discharge of illegal fireworks.

No day goes by without the booms, bangs and pings of these random, irritating, irresponsible explosions, mostly at night and on weekends.

Before the county/state fire departments stopped it, every Independence Day, as well as days before and after, our area in rural Arroyo Grande was inundated with loud blasts that continued for hours. And for weeks after these senseless disturbances, there were few birds around.