Letters to the Editor

Be afraid, very afraid

Finally, The Tribune has released the information (in very fine print) that has the Tea Party concerned: Government agencies are arming. As indicated in “News of the Weird,” (June 26), the United States Postal Service has just finalized purchase of “small-arms ammunition.” In the past, the Social Security Administration ordered 174,000 hollow-point bullets, the Department of Agriculture 320,000 rounds, Homeland Security 450 million rounds (for its 135,000 armed agents) the FBI 100 million hollow-points, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 46,000 rounds and the Department of Agriculture added an order of submachine guns and body armor. Not to mention the extraordinary amounts of body armor, warlike vehicles and military-style armaments that have been distributed to local sheriff and police forces nationwide. No news yet about the IRS, but fear not — it will come.

Hello out there — are you sure you want to vote this administration in again? If so, better start rethinking your stand on gun control (for the public only of course).