Letters to the Editor

Care is misplaced

Recently The Tribune printed yet another article against capital punishment, (“Welcome sanity on California’s death row,” June 19). The writer from the Los Angeles Times lamented that 37 of the murderers on death row in California need 24-hour inpatient care for mental issues.

I find it amazing that our vets often have to wait weeks for care, but the writer from the Times wants 24-hour care for murderers.

The writer then goes on to say that it is wrong for the state to kill someone who has killed someone else. There is a difference between killing and murder. If someone breaks into your house and attempts to murder your family, are you a murderer if you are lucky enough to kill them first?

Finally, the writer harks back to the old line that it costs too much to implement capital punishment. Why is that? Because of flaws in our legal system (that need to be corrected) that some lawyers exploit.