Letters to the Editor

Should be outraged

I enjoyed seeing John C. Sears with his two mules on California Boulevard in San Luis Obispo. I love the companionship of animals.

Mr. Sears is not using the electricity, water or gasoline that I use. He is living more lightly on the globe than I do. Yet he was cited and fined, which smacks of “I’ve got mine, too bad about yours,” as Michael Morin so recently wrote.

Mr. Sears is not driving a huge recreational vehicle on our four crowded lanes of highway. Maybe we should make it easier for itinerant people to have a circle of land, water, a Porta Potty.

FYI, John Sears is awaiting an August court appointment. Now he has to remain in our area. We should all be outraged that we are taking our courts into this. It was obvious to me that one cannot outlaw people sleeping in their cars. Similarly, I do not see how we can outlaw people sleeping in public places.