Letters to the Editor

Krugman on Obama

After reading Paul Krugman’s commentary in the June 17 Tribune, I had to laugh at the blatant spin he put on the Obama administration’s performance this past year. In spite of the many blunders this president has had under his watch, Krugman blames the media for only reporting the negative the administration has caused.

What world is Paul Krugman living in? The media has for five-plus years covered for Obama, either by not reporting his failures, or covering them up or by only reporting what his team has told them.

Then Krugman has the unmitigated gall to try to say that this president has had a great year because of the Obamacare rollout, financial reform and, best of all, his climate change policies, all of which have had a devastating effect on the economy, which Krugman conveniently left out of these supposed achievements.

This president has had the most divisive, least transparent and blatantly politically partisan administration this country has ever had, and to say he has had a great year is either living in a bubble or totally out of touch with reality.

I guess this commentary shows which audience The Tribune truly associates with.