Letters to the Editor

Adequate water

In the mid-’90s, it appeared our water supply problem was solved as the Cambria Community Services District board had a desalination project in place, but with the election of a new board in 1996, the project was put on hold.

Although businesses, hotels, motels, restaurants and vacation rentals provide jobs and volunteerism, there are some opposed to their existence. Many have invested their life savings. We allowed them to build originally, and we are obligated to provide services to them.

What about lot owners? These people bought these lots in good faith and are required to pay CCSD fees, taxes and maintenance. If we fail to provide water and allow limited growth, the community will no longer enable people to make a living here, and our community will shrivel up and die. Why did we build a new elementary school if we’re not going to have children to attend?

Not providing our community with adequate water is dangerous: We live in a forest and need to know we’re protected.

Please support our current CCSD. They are dedicated and working hard to resolve our water issues. Please join me in attending the meeting Thursday.