Letters to the Editor

Thanks for conceding

Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I would like to thank Nancy Johnson for conceding in the Morro Bay City Council contest and saving us the expense and agony of a runoff election in November. Except that her comments weren’t gracious at all. The Tribune said she “referenced a political machine that helped elect the current council majority and said she’s tired of being on the losing end of many 3-2 council votes.”

On the first point, there is no political machine. I am a member of a group of enthusiastic supporters who helped in the re-election of Mayor Jamie Irons and the election of Matt Makowetski to the council; I also helped in 2012. Our only reward is good government and attention to the environment. How is that a “machine”?

On the second point, Mrs. Johnson apparently didn’t notice how many times Noah Smukler endured being on the losing end of 4-1 votes. That’s just the way. I believe the primary reason for the recall attempt was that the people behind the effort weren’t used to being out of power.

That said, I again thank Mrs. Johnson for conceding. Too bad it wasn’t graciously.