Letters to the Editor

Nuclear not so bad

The Tribune published an excellent letter, “Cut the coal,” on June 13. But don’t cut nuclear as the author suggests.

Forbes published (June 10, 2012) “How Deadly is Your Kilowatt?” showing the death-print of each means of generating electrical power per trillion kilowatt hour produced. Coal was worst at 170,000 deaths per trillion kilowatt hour, and nuclear was best at only 90, including Fukushima and Chernobyl.

Local claims against nuclear cannot be substantiated by experts in our county and city health departments, nor state or national agencies responsible for citizen safety. Opponents charge they are all in collusion to protect the nuclear industry but offer no evidence. Opponents counter with “research” that Popular Mechanics magazine labels junk science.

We are lucky to have Diablo Canyon keeping our air much freer of truly lethal smoke, soot, ozone, as well as carbon dioxide that can end plant and animal life from ever-increasing climate change temperatures.

Trust local authorities, do your own research, protect the health of yourself, your children and grandchildren, then fight to support Diablo Canyon, providing clean power to 3 million households, 24/7, for nearly 30 years.