Letters to the Editor

An unasked question

In response to the “Not One More” gun control advocates: It’s emotionally draining to learn of yet another innocent death at the hands of mentally ill killers. However, in my view, the question isn’t whether to create new laws to confiscate guns but to ask the question — why? Why are so many young Americans exhibiting such horrific mental illness? In the UC Santa Barbara case, the crazed killer also slashed three young men to death with a knife. It’s been asked, shall the authorities also confiscate all the knives in America?

Americans have forgotten the need to ask why. Why do so many suffer from depression and anxiety; why so much violence; why so much use of drugs, both legal and illegal; why so much alcoholism; why are so many people living in prison cages?

It appears to be a response to the massive use of sex, violence and the apocalyptic vision of the future portrayed in the media, video games, movies and an endless war mentality being perpetrated on civilians across the globe. Who benefits? Follow the money. Meanwhile, our precious youths are being caught up in the mindnumbing reality of modern society.