Letters to the Editor

Unfair reduction

We don’t agree that Grover Beach’s across-the-board 10 percent water reduction is right. Our family already conserves by putting dish and shower water on our plants, taking shorter and fewer showers and watching our laundry loads.

We feel that Grover Beach should look at people who use excessive water first and will see places where there could be big reductions in water use. Also, just driving around town, we see water shooting out of sprinklers and water running down the street from yards. If everyone who has automatic sprinklers would just take one minute off their water timer, there would be a lot of water saved.

There also are many unnecessary grassy places that could be removed, cemented in or turned into rock gardens. Perhaps restaurants could cut back on ice.

Our family is doing our part already; please look into other ways besides a mandatory 10 percent across-the-board reduction.