Letters to the Editor

Inhospitable SLO

I ran across John Sears (“Mule”) in Lompoc when I saw him walking with his mules. Later, I spotted him in Santa Maria and then Nipomo. A newspaper article indicated he just walked all over the place with his mules. I thought, “Good for him.” In Monday’s Tribune, I see he was arrested for stopping to rest overnight in San Luis Obispo.

Guadalupe was more hospitable. In 1977, when a friend and I were bicycling from Huntington Beach to Seattle on the bicentennial bicycle trail, we stopped at the Guadalupe police station and asked if there was a place we could camp. Officers directed us to a city park and said it might be dangerous so they would watch out for us. We did not get much sleep, because the police frequently shined their spotlight on us.

At least they really did watch out for us. Had a soft spot for Guadalupe ever since. Bet Mule does not feel that way about SLO.