Letters to the Editor

Get the ball rolling

Opponents to Assembly Bill 2453 claim the issue with the proposed hybrid voting structure is that it is undemocratic and favors large agriculture/land owners. Additionally, that one person /one vote is the only fair way to manage the Paso Robles basin.

The large irrigated land owners will pay the most in any type of water district, so how democratic is one person/one vote really? If we are going to ask them to foot a majority of the bill and accept future managing by the district, we sure as heck should let them have a voice equal to their financial obligation!

The vehicle to form a one person/one vote district already exists: a county water district. There is no special legislation needed, or any need to fight AB 2453. A petition gets filed with LAFCO and the process starts.

So, if a one person/one vote district is really what the opponents want, why aren’t these folks pursuing that path?

Get organized, file a petition with LAFCO, and get the ball rolling. Put a petition where your grievances are and let it go through the public process. If it is the right way to go, it will become clear.