Letters to the Editor

Mixing alcohol and altruism to help kids

The seventh annual sold-out event that Mr. de Mont proclaims he is offended by is a fundraiser (letters, June 14) looked forward to and enjoyed by many in our local community.

The sponsor is a respected, revered, successful businessman who contributes generously by providing the venue, his wait staff, his time, energy and the fabulous food and much more to this successful event. The beneficiary of this event is Arroyo Grande High School’s culinary training facility and deserving students who receive scholarship monies toward further training in the culinary arts field.

The next time Mr. de Mont sits down to a meal he enjoys at a restaurant of his choice he may want to consider that the chef who prepared it may have been the beneficiary of help with their training from a similar source.

Mr. de Mont must be aware that many fundraisers occur on weekends when working people are free to come, and also serve alcohol-- even those sponsored by various religious organizations. These are fun and worthwhile events that are looked forward to and provide good funding for community programs. 

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