Letters to the Editor

Protect women

The editorial in today’s paper (June 10) captured the plight of many, many women in all parts of the world.

The International Violence against Women Act is not being acted on by our Congress. Please contact your senator (S 2307) and assembly person (HR 3571) to get this bill passed. The United States should not support or fund nations that do not offer equality to women and girls in the workplace, educational systems and courts, or protect them from the horrible atrocities committed to further political agendas.

Soroptimist International is a service organization that has tried to intervene in many of these situations through education and support of women who have been molested, beaten and even killed. The local chapter has more than 30 members who have worked and supported women and girls both locally and internationally.

We urge everyone to contact the appropriate member of Congress and request/demand passage of this bill.