Letters to the Editor

Water shortages

The article “Free water, for some,” on June 9, on the surface seems to create a theme of blame, focusing on the “lucky few” who over time, have used more than their fair share of precious H2O. An antiquated measuring system, incomplete records and a note posted on a tree over 100 years ago allowing the citizens of San Francisco nearly free use of their water supply. The authors are putting focus on “water under the bridge.”

The article continues to talk more about who’s been unfairly using up all of the state’s water. Then, as I read further, this one particular line caught my attention: “No one thinks of it when there’s ample water and plenty to go around.”

Are you kidding? Do the authors truly believe the readers of their article are that dumb? Or could they be speaking of their elected officials? This state has recorded severe droughts going back centuries. If you want to play the blame game, then blame the folks you elected. The ones who should have been strategizing and planning for more water storage, and “predictable” shortages to an ever-increasing population.