Letters to the Editor

Positive impact

Thanks so much to The Tribune and to Sarah Linn for doing a beautiful job presenting the story of Learning Among the Oaks and the Oak Ambassadors on June 10. It was a joy to work with Sarah, and we appreciated the great care she put into capturing the essence of the program.

A great team, perseverance and a lot of luck have made LATO a cherished part of Santa Margarita Elementary School. I want to add a special thanks to the school’s faculty, staff, PTA and families as well as key volunteers who’ve essentially served as codirectors of the program: Carol Sinsheimer, Michael and Ruby Klatt. Cal Poly science teaching specialist Anne Marie Bergen and biological sciences associate professor John Perrine have been invaluable key partners.

I’m grateful for the chance to work together on something with a lasting and positive impact on the lives of countless children.