Letters to the Editor

Spirit of sacrifice

The articles about D-Day and Phil Dirkx’s column in the June 6 paper moved me greatly.

The spirit of common sacrifice moved our nation to heights of service never seen before or since. Instead of whipping out the national credit card to finance “nation building,” citizens pulled together to defeat a common foe.

In the aftermath of the war, our nation continued to move forward, rebuilding Europe, building an interstate highway system, improving and creating infrastructure that still serves us today, as well as creating and supporting educational and health care systems, all on the pay-as-you-go plan.

Today, we belittle and refuse to fund the efforts of our government to improve the nation’s infrastructure and provide health care and educational opportunities for all citizens of this great nation, basically saying “I’ve got mine, too bad about yours” to the majority of our citizens.

Where did that spirit of selfless sacrifice for the common good go? We have become a nation of selfish, mean-spirited consumers, interested only in what’s in it for us. It’s sad.