Letters to the Editor

Enjoyed Honor Flight

My dad, Dale McBane (a World War II and Korean War veteran) and I were extremely fortunate to have participated in the Honor Flight. Seventeen veterans were treated to a trip to Washington, D.C., for a tour of the war memorials. It was truly an honor flight, because everywhere flags were flying and praise was bestowed on these veterans by everyone from children to adults. Just to see the veterans’ expressions, and sometimes their tears, was a very humbling experience.

It was a whirlwind trip, but thanks to Greg McGill and his tireless dedication to the veterans, the trip went off without a hitch. US Airways held our connection so that we arrived in San Luis Obispo late to a huge group of supporters including Sheriff Ian Parkinson and fellow officers. Thanks to the Honor Flight group and sponsors for all their donations of time and money. Special thanks to Bear and Greg McGill and Frank Mecham for his support with this trip.