Letters to the Editor

Cut the coal

What do you call an operation that kills thousands of innocent men, women and children? Well, terrorism is one word that comes to mind.

In my opinion, burning coal in power plants is a form of terrorism, and that is how we should now be looking at it. Our government should continue to try to shut down most or all of these plants.

The owners come out with the usual argument about all the jobs that they create. Ridiculous! What kind of jobs? Germany provided plenty of jobs at their WWII concentration camps for their trained guards. Crime syndicates and brutal dictators everywhere provide plenty of jobs for assassins and soldiers.

However, if this transition to clean sustainable energy is going to work, the government should adopt a full employment strategy for our nation.

Every coal miner that loses his job in the transition, for example, should be guaranteed job training and a new well-paying job, a nonterrorist job that does not harm our society or its future children. The same goes for every worker employed in the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries. This is the only way that this transition is going to work.