Letters to the Editor

Nation’s welfare

The New York Times article on Bowe Bergdahl in The Tribune (June 7) truly typifies the tactics of liberals. When caught in a mistake, they attempt to distract by blaming the ones who caught their mistake and/or attack their motives with lies and distortion of facts.

It’s reported that:

Soon after Bergdahl deserted his unit, our military heard an American was searching for someone who spoke English because he wanted to talk to the Taliban.

Bergdahl wrote his father he was ashamed to be American.

Two former members of Bergdahl’s unit said Bergdahl left behind a note in which he expressed disillusionment with the Army and being an American, and suggested he wanted to renounce his citizenship and find the Taliban.

I’m concerned that the world is less safe because of the prisoners released in return for Bergdahl.

I’ve heard interviews with President Barack Obama’s military advisers saying they are frustrated by his ignoring them. Instead, he listens to the speechwriters among his National Security Council (Wall Street Journal, June 6). It alarms me that Obama appears to be more concerned about his public image than the welfare of our nation.