Letters to the Editor

Leading the way

Thank you for running the story “States cut emissions — where’s the economic ruin?” on June 7. It’s good news that 10 states have already reached the 30 percent reduction goal called for by the new EPA rules. They did it in just eight years and, even better, their economies are doing well. Several other states are following suit.

A widespread scare tactic being circulated by the oil industry is that we have to sacrifice our economy in order to transition from carbon fuels to renewable energy. That’s completely false, and actually, an investment in renewable energy creates more jobs and small-business opportunities than the same-size investment in capital-intensive fossil fuel development.

Ten states are leading the way. We need to move more quickly with a national effort to put a stable and predictable price on carbon emissions. We must get the whole country on board with a united plan and determined effort to control CO2 pollution, stabilize the climate and put the economy on a path to sustainable growth. The most economically sound and market-friendly way to do this is with a revenue-neutral carbon fee that is fully rebated on an equal basis to each and every American household.