Letters to the Editor

Inspiring campaign

This is an open letter to Muril Clift:

You volunteered for the difficult job of campaigning to be our District 2 county supervisor. I am grateful for your generous time and effort. You labored against big money and those who seem indifferent in attitude toward those of us who live near the poverty line. Most importantly, you showed up — on time, every time — and listened to our concerns.

Under the circumstances, isn’t it marvelous how your determination was energized by a quickly gathered handful of committed citizens that with little money, attracted one-third of the vote? You and each of us who participated should feel virtuous. We are all winners because we gave our best. Thank you for being a helpful example of how to work together. I admire your loyalty to staff and supporters. I’m sure we’ll call on you often for advice.

Whatever lessons or benefits we derived from even the briefest contacts as we moved amongst ourselves and neighbors, only time will reveal. But be assured, each of us who were a part of one beating heart of hope will benefit beyond measure from the experience. You are my hero.