Letters to the Editor

Dubious acquisition

The Chapman House in Shell Beach has hosted a limited number of nonprofit events in peace with the neighbors.

Mr. Chapman died and donated the property to the city of Pismo Beach, which accepted it over opposition protesting there were millions in liabilities with no way to cover those bills except by continually having “celebratory events” that will change the character of the neighborhood.

The city’s permit application indicates hosting up to 66 events per year, 60 of which may compete with local venues. This means long strings of cars parked on Ocean Avenue. Events larger than 50 people “require” shuttling from other places. People will circumvent these rules, forcing residents to report illegally parked cars wasting police time. Locals walk down the streets (there are no sidewalks) with their kids and dogs on a constant basis. Shuttles on our narrow avenues will bring danger to children, exhaust fumes and will damage streets already in disrepair.

The Chapman House won’t pay taxes. How is that fair to the private venues against whom they will compete or to the local taxpayer? Why is the city in the wedding business at all?

Please let your City Council members know they can’t ruin our neighborhood and hurt our local businesses.