Letters to the Editor

Obama’s challenge

I am a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama, and it is because of people like FDR, JFK and Obama that I am proud to remain a long-term Democrat.

I believe Obama has taken the initiative to successfully set the stage for improving the lives of the common man through his actions in the White House. His Obamacare implementation is landmark legislation that has met with mixed reviews and undoubtedly, like other sweeping legislation preceding it, requires some tweaking and massaging to perfect. I support his “peace by diplomacy,” although he has often been criticized for not threatening the enemy with deadly force. To lose thousands of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and thousands of the innocent citizens by an invasion of those countries was a crime to humanity. The surgical removal of Saddam Hussein, like our administration accomplished to eliminate Osama bin Laden, would have saved many lives.

It appears now that Obama’s challenge is to implement his vision. The changes he ambitiously proposes, may be “too much, too soon.” Thankfully, we have better than an even chance of having another eight years of a Democrat president as our leader to advance his vision.