Letters to the Editor

Rebranding party

The decision to drag the carcass of Benghazi once again through the swamp of political mud may turn out to be the final nail in the coffin of a certain party trying to rebrand itself. The same party that needs seminars on how to talk to women, that wants to throw roadblocks at the Constitutional right to vote, that wants to keep wages low and CEO pay in the stratosphere, that routinely ignores or distorts science, that wants to carry guns to church and restrict every social right they can think of.

Recently, they added two more gems to their resume. They had their annual Leadership Conference, featuring such deep thinkers as Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, with a keynote speech by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, who said the party was more desperate than he thought if they wanted him as keynote speaker. And GOP members of Congress managed to actively oppose and delay healthier school lunches with more fruits and veggies, because why would we want to do that?

Mix these nuggets of idiocy with a record of accomplishment approaching zero and no positive agenda going forward, and you have a recipe for a party being rebranded into oblivion.