Letters to the Editor

Honoring veterans

Leonard Pitts Jr. is one of my favorite columnists, and his column May 25, “Time to show our veterans some love,” was outstanding. Its theme was making sure our veterans get the kind of health care and therapy they need and in a timely fashion. I agree wholeheartedly with that.

I would like to suggest a step beyond that. We were observing Memorial Day as I wrote this, and I believe a better way to honor our veterans, both those living and dead, would be to reduce the number of veterans by not participating in unnecessary wars. Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were wars we chose to start. Every nation has a right to protect itself from attack and aggression as we did after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

However, I sincerely believe that we should not ask our precious men and women to fight wars that have nothing to do with protecting our freedoms. Wars on terrorism are going on in many countries, but even our great military power cannot bring peace and democracy to other countries. That is something only the citizens of those countries can do.