Letters to the Editor

Responsible citizenry

Following the terrible crime in Isla Vista, it was no surprise that there would be demands for someone to do something. The Tribune editorial writers quickly followed suit with a noncommittal piece promoting a flawed law and a flawed organization.

The Gun Violence Restraining Order law that The Tribune endorsed sight unseen has now been unveiled, and it’s a mess. The bill would allow anyone to go to court to remove someone else’s guns from their possession. If you’re a woman with an abusive ex and you have a gun for self-protection, he can go to court and get you disarmed.

Mom’s Demand Action is the first “grassroots” organization backed by $50 million from a billionaire. It would only be comparable to MADD if MADD had advocated a return to Prohibition and stringent background checks for auto purchases. If The Tribune wants to save lives, it should urge sheriffs to go “shall-issue” for concealed carry permits for law-abiding citizens. The Isla Vista killer, in his manifesto, said that his biggest concern was being stopped before he could rack up a big body count by armed officers. A responsible, armed citizenry is a boon to law enforcement and the public at large.