Letters to the Editor

Secession solution

In the history of the United States of America, we have heard — several times — politicians (some even running for president) advocate for secession of their state of residence from the union.

My solution to this “problem” is very simple and democratic:

1. Get enough signatures to put secession on the state ballot.

2. If the large majority of its residents want to secede, bid the state goodbye and wish it good luck. At the same time, shut down all federal programs in the state and remove United States citizenship from all state residents.

3. If the large majority does not want to secede, then offer the residents who do a free airplane ticket to any country they wish to relocate to.

These “wannabe secessionists” did not get the message that they are citizens of the United States first, and residents of their state second.

Finally, any politician advocating for secession of his/her state from the union should be disqualified from running for president. You cannot run for president of the United States while advocating for secession of your state from the United States.

And do we know how these people vote? Oh, yes!