Letters to the Editor

Plenty of blame

Mental health is not totally to blame for the rash of mass shootings; it just seems that way.

To place any blame, it is spread across a wide spectrum of people and agencies; gun owners; the National Rifle Association; and local, state and federal government agencies. I believe instead of enacting new gun laws, revise the ones in place to include mental health screening by a licensed psychiatrist, liability insurance for registered gun owners, longer waiting periods and a twoweek mandatory gun safety and training — as well as mental health screenings to be repeated on a year-to-year basis — as part of reregistering guns and proof of insurance every year, like they do with vehicles. If anyone violates this, fines will be imposed, and the money will go to help shooting victims.

This is an idea that is called for. Anyone who opposes this has that right, but they would be wrong.