Letters to the Editor

Climate change is No. 1

Thank you for your frontpage reporting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s actions and emphasis on combating climate change. However, Brown’s efforts in adopting cap-and-trade policies for the largest greenhouse gas emitting industries is just the beginning of what is needed.

A critical part of a plan to reduce CO2 emissions must be a properly instituted revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend program. This fee on carbon would send a needed market signal to switch to renewable energy sourcing. Using these fees to send monthly dividend checks to U.S. households would offset, in whole or in part, the increased costs of energy during the transition. This program is working effectively in both British Columbia and Sweden. All that is needed for this program to work in Cali fornia and the United States is political will. I encourage everyone to make combating climate change their No. 1 voting issue this year.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is working diligently to introduce a carbon fee and dividend program at the national level. We meet monthly on the first Saturday at 9:45 a.m. at the UU FellowshipSLO.

All citizens wishing to work to keep our planet a livable place for future generations are invited to join us.