Letters to the Editor

Don’t twist the facts

I have friends at all ends of the Mesa who have received a mailer from “Californians Vote Green” that designates Lynn Compton as the green choice. She is represented with Democratic candidates as “protecting beaches, water and quality of life.” From what little I know about Compton, she and her husband’s company distribute pesticides, and they are Republicans.

I had one elderly Democrat friend who decided to change her vote from Caren Ray to Compton because of this mailer, and I had to explain the twist of facts. Compton’s campaign has stooped to misleading propaganda, tricking voters into thinking she is endorsed by green-leaning Democrats. Compton has already outspent Ray’s campaign many times over with agri-business backing. Is this misinformation and deception necessary? How can we ever trust a candidate who would so twist the facts just to get elected?

I am voting for 4th District Supervisor Caren Ray because she is a balanced, intelligent moderate who will vote with conservatives on the board when she agrees with them. She has accelerated the pace of studies into our water problems and seems focused on representing her constituents. And she is running a clean campaign. I feel I can trust her.