Letters to the Editor

Don’t trust mailers

Recently, residents in District 4 received a slate card that appeared to be a “Democratic Voter Guide.”

It listed the names of many major Democratic candidates. At the bottom of this list was a Republican candidate for 4th District supervisor whose name had an asterisk indicating that she was the only candidate who paid for and authorized her name to appear on the mailer.

Slate mailers like this are one of the most notorious of political advertisements. Slate mailers list a number of candidates to give the impression they share a particular party or issue. Often, that’s not the case.

While local Democrat and Republican groups will occasionally distribute mailers listing their endorsed candidates, most slates are produced by for-profit organizations. It’s important for voters to know that this slate was not from the local Democratic Party. We have endorsed Supervisor Caren Ray for 4th District.

Don’t base your vote on a slate mailer. Do some research and look at what each candidate stands for, or call San Luis Obispo County Democrats at 546-8499. Democratic endorsements are also online at http://slocdp.org/endorsed-candidates-and-measures.