Letters to the Editor

A higher standard

Shortly before official election campaigning began, The Tribune ran a small editorial that referred to a survey conducted on “clean” campaigning.

According to that survey, criticisms the public found unfair included a candidate’s past troubles, such as alcohol or marijuana use; actions of a family member; marital infidelity; and past personal financial problems.

Please consider the following: People running for positions of leadership are called to a higher standard because their decisions affect the many. In addition, an elected official should be someone whose example we might follow. All one has to do is look around and clearly see how bad morals corrupt.

There is no room for foolishness in our representatives or those we choose to govern our communities. If one does not make good decisions in his or her private life, he or she won’t make them in public life either. If you want the freedom to live for your own self-gratification, don’t run for public office. Good leadership does require good character. Please consider this when casting your vote.