Letters to the Editor

Pesky questions

Other than the meaningless bureaucratese of “management style,” there has been no explanation as to why the great majority of the DA’s staff won’t support Tim Covello.

We need some specifics on exactly what Mr. Covello has done to so alienate the staff that they don’t want to work for him, which should be the end of the matter. How could we possibly elect someone nobody wants to work for? And how could The Tribune ignore such a monumental factor in endorsing him, after failing to do the digging necessary to give us the answer?

Except, except, there’s that pesky question about why Dan Dow took contributions from the defense attorney on the sex case. As per “management style,” saying it wasn’t “technically illegal” doesn’t come close to cutting it. Mr. Dow needs to answer the same question Jay Leno asked Hugh Grant: “What were you thinking?”