Letters to the Editor

Irresponsible officials

As I read the paper or listen to the news, I can’t help but wonder when will every city and county in the state go bankrupt.

As a taxpayer, I am tired of watching the private sector going broke or leaving the state. Overregulation has put frogs, fish and rats before humans.

The private sector has mediocre wages and 401(k) or IRAs for retirement benefits, if they can afford it. Government has outrageous wages and absolutely absurd retirements.

I’m amazed at the bonds we are expected to pass, when our children and grandchildren will never be able to pay for them. Start treating government as a business, not a free-for-all spending spree. Wake up, California, we are the laughing stock of the nation. Get out and vote irresponsible officials out and vote your best choice in. It can’t get much worse.